Personal Training


William Sichel & Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe


Now you can have highly detailed personal on-line training advice from World Record holding ultra-endurance athlete William Sichel and William’s own training advisor, Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe.

For more information email us on :

We have a unique blend of skills, experience and personal achievement – and this can be at your disposal – at a very reasonable price.

Our training philosophy has produced amazing results – just look at William’s  track record – you can benefit from this too.

Our coaching philosophy is based on intensity not just duration or frequency.

  • When it comes to training, we do not believe “more is more” – nor do we believe “less is more”.
  • We believe that optimum performance comes from optimal training – not too much nor too little.
  • We don’t think that doing twice as much exercise is twice as good for you.
  • Nor do we think doing half as much exercise is twice as good for you.
  • We believe in working to the maximum capacity in the minimum amount of time.
  • This means increasing the intensity of training to an optimum level.
  • We believe in short sharp training sessions which then give time for recovery and ‘growing’ before the next session.
  • We believe in using a variety of training sessions, not just running on its own.
  • Our philosophy is well suited to busy people who don’t feel that they have much time to train effectively.
  • We have a proven track record of improving performance at all levels – from beginners and those returning to fitness through to elite international-class athletes.

We firmly believe that we can help anyone to improve their performance – We can help you to achieve your goals.

While most of our clients work with us on an ongoing basis to gain long-term improvements, we are also happy to offer targeted training advice for shorter term improvement with specific goals or events (such as running a marathon, competing in an ultra-distance race – etc). You are most welcome to email us to discuss your requirements –

If you make a commitment to train, we will provide the knowledge and expertise you need to ascend to a higher level of personal achievement.

We can offer a range of individual, personalised training advice packages, tailored to suit your training needs and budget.

Typical support from us involves initial registration and analysis (a one-off payment of £99) and then starts at only £49 per month for subsequent support – although we are also happy to provide more intensive training support.

We charge based upon the amount of work involved with an individual client on a sliding scale from standard support at £49 per month up to £149 per month for virtually unlimited training advice.  We are also always happy to design a la carte programmes to suit any individual requirements – please email for more details

Special Offers

For a limited time – sign up with our on-line service and pay a one-off price of only £99 for registration, our detailed and comprehensive personal training analysis plus access to our on-line knowledge base and our immediate suggestions for improving your specific training programme.

As an extra bonus – Sign up now and you can also receive one month’s additional training advice from us for free (usual price £49).

We do not insist that client’s sign up with us for a minimum time period (although we offer discounts for those who choose to do so – details below or email us on ).

Anyone is free to discontinue training with us after the first month.

We feel confident about offering clients our service on a “pay as you go” basis because we know that the level of support we offer is incentive enough without tying people to a lengthy contract.

But anyone wishing to make the commitment to long-term improvement in their training by signing up with us for a longer period will receive generous discounts.

More Special Offers

Anyone signing up for 6 months training advice in advance will get 5% off !

Anyone signing up for one year in advance will get 10% off !

Long Term Commitment to Training and Improvement

As yet another bonus for our long-term clients we will make a commitment to actually reduce our fees if you train with us for more than one year. This applies to anyone completing a year or more of training with us – even if you pay on a month-by-month basis.

If you would like more details of our training philosophy please feel free to email us and we’ll be happy to help –

William Sichel – Full biography here.


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